I first created this blog in order to share my wildly disparate interests and rambling, heretical thoughts with the world, and see if I can find people who think and feel the same. Over time, it has come to serve primarily as a writing outlet and a place where I can collect my thoughts on what I read and watch and listen to. In other words, I now write mostly for myself.

So you can expect to find book, music and film reviews, the rare travelogue, and sometimes attempts to translate the patterns I notice in the world into text.

My big passion since childhood have been books. So much so that I resisted buying a Kindle until 2016, and my living room sports a floor-to-ceiling library along the entire length of a wall. I’m also a bit of a failed literary scholar, enjoying crazy things like literary theory and close reading. I love reading about books, thinking about books and writing about books.

I’m addicted to travel. I concoct my own itineraries and love exploring little-known microlocations as much as big cities. I stand in awe of people who have abandoned their careers for travel, such as Dalene and Peter Heck, and Sherry Ott, to name my favorites.

To see what the life of a fashion addict looks like, or just to get glimpses into my daily life and cooking attempts and share yours, join me on Instagram. Or simply follow me on Twitter, where my profile reflects my avid interest in travel and literature.

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Frollein W.'s Gedankendurchfall

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Arbiter elegantiarum

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Arbiter elegantiarum