The year in reading – 2015

This is a short post, but might turn out to be a long read if you follow the links below. I wanted to compile a list of newspaper, magazine and online articles published in 2015 that I found to be thought-provoking, fascinating, educational, and/or simply very well written. They come from a variety of differing platforms, and cover diverse topics – from abortion and domestic violence, to the current plight of Jews in Europe, to the fate of Buddhist monks in Tibet. Many of them involve politics, while a few are about arts and culture. I hope they give you some fresh perspectives.

Jessica Machado: The Shame We Carried

Matt Burriesci: The Arts and Humanities Aren’t Worth a Dime

The Chair

It Will Look Like a Sunset

And for those of you who can read Croatian and/or Serbian:

Pismo nepoznatom počinitelju

View at

View at


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