Gluten-free in the Eternal City – Week 8

Last week the translation work kicked into gear again. Yes, that’s right, after almost three weeks of delays, schedule changes, and week-long radio silences from the contractor, we’re now finally back on track and it looks like I might be able to finish all the work in time for the August 3 deadline. I’ve been feeling very productive and useful, and happy to find out that my work might be handsomely rewarded even sooner than I initially thought (next month).

On the other hand, me being swamped with work resulted in less exercise and a less-than-clean household, Oh well. It also temporarily prevents me from setting a couple other, smaller goals, but they’re always in the back of my mind, and if I find time to do them although they’re not on the weekly list, so much the better.

So this is how I did last week:

1. Continue exercising at least 3x a week in any way I can. → Did one home workout, and not much else. The weather got to be unbearably hot, precluding my usual long walks around the city. Also, we have no A/C in the apartment, and exercise in such sweltering heat did not feel particularly auspicious. I had a brief walk and an afternoon spent in a park yesterday, but that was about it.

2. Continue gluten-free, clean and healthy. → On this point I feel particularly pleased and proud of myself. I continue to feel nothing but good effects from my dietary restrictions, but I might need to add some vitamin supplements into the mix, especially with the combination of more work and exercise ahead of me. Despite bombarding my body with fresh fruit and veggies every day, my immune system seems to be dipping for some reason. It’s a well-established fact, however, that no amount of healthy food can give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs, and you need to supplement from time to time.

3. Avoid giving myself negative points. → After starting the week all positive and bubbly, my stomach suddenly bloated up to 3-months-pregnant status in what I suspect and hope to be pre-period preparations. But instead of taking it in stride as something that normally occurs to me, I heaped copius amounts of insults and self-disgust on my body. I calmed down after a couple days, but I’ve obviously still not learnt to accept my new German protruding tummy status.

4. Clean any of the windows while the shitty weather lasts. → Nope. And now I’ve got work as the perfect excuse.

5. Think about introducing a health/fitness category to the blog. Just think about it and maybe put down a few ideas. → Did just that – thought about it. And will continue to think some more, until I alight on an idea that strikes me as both fun and viable. So far, I’ve thought about writing gluten-free meal plans/suggestions, recommending certain brands and products, reporting on my culinary successes, describing my exercise routine(s), and just generally ranting about food. If any of you out there are interested in the same topic and would like to read about these and similar fitness/health oriented topics, please leave me some feedback in the comments below, I’d really appreciate it.

Building Rome – Week 8:

1. Continue exercising at least 3x a week in any way I can.

2. Continue gluten-free, clean and healthy.

3. Avoid giving myself negative points.

4. Clean up sections of the house, bit by bit. 

What are your goals for this week? Let me know so I can cheer you on. This is how some of my pals here have been doing:

5 thoughts on “Gluten-free in the Eternal City – Week 8”

  1. I think you have some good ideas for #5, but it will be a lot of work at first (well for me anytime I add something to my blog it ends up being way more work than I expected, lol).

    Woot for the work getting aligned all proper! 😀

    1. Thanks! 😀

      Yeah, I realize that adding something to the blog means more work, so that’s why I’m in no rush to do it. I’ll probably come back to it some time after work slows down and I settle into a routine.

  2. The only thing I got out of my vitamine supplement effort was diarrhea and yellow pee 😀 I can gladly pass those little vitamine bombs to you if you want them!

    As for the nutrition section: yes, please!

  3. Thanks, I never take those vitamin bombs because they give me nasty side-effects :), I always target specific body needs. Like, right now I know it’s time to take a strong dose of vitamin C. Last time I did it was six or seven months ago, and it really helped.

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