Not all roads to Rome are gluten-free – Week 7

I’ve been away for 4 days and now I’m slowly catching up with y’all’s comments, posts, and progress. Some really nice comments have been coming in in response to last week’s BR post, and I have to say it gives me great pleasure to meet new people taking part in this challenge and cheering them on. It helps me come out of my little shell/bubble seeing other people striving for the same goal – we’re all just trying to take charge of our lives and make them better, one step at a time. And some of you have made significant progress since the last time I checked on you, so – yay us! 🙂

Last week’s big piece of news was the announced attempt to weed out gluten from my diet. I’m happy to say not only that I haven’t given up on the whole concept, but that I’ve actually started to embrace it whole-heartedly. That said, my attempts got screwed up during the weekend when we were away to celebrate a friend’s birthday in a remote corner of Eastern Germany where the word ‘gluten’ still hasn’t entered the locals’ vocabulary. We were staying in the Best Western hotel chain, but gluten-free was not an option, especially not for the buffet breakfast. This wouldn’t have posed so much of a problem if we hadn’t also been set up to go canoeing/kayaking for the whole day on Saturday, which meant I really had to get a lot of food and carbs in me for breakfast. So I did what had to be done, and chose not to dwell on it or give myself negative points for something wholly out of my control.

So, back to Western capitalist civilization :), it’s far easier to find gluten-free options. I’m trying out a couple different brands available here to see whose products appeal to me the most. Also, thanks to Instagram and Twitter, I discovered a British brand called Freego ( which delivers in Europe, and they have some amazing looking things that I’m dying to try out. Of course, it’s not cheap to go gluten-free, but it’s also true that we find ourselves cutting out some of the other food options that we’d been spending money on before, and which were not healthy at all – salty snacks, bakery products, sweets – so it all balances out in the end. I would definitely say we’re not spending more on food now with this regimen change. And my boyfriend has decided to join me in the effort – he’s severely reduced his gluten intake and might even go all the way with me.

So this is the update on last week’s goals:

1. Continue to try and get exercise at least 3x a week, be it in the form of pilates, home workout or long walk. → I didn’t do any home workouts last week, but I went for a long walk twice, and spent Saturday canoeing, which gave me enough muscle pain to not feel bad at all about skipping the workouts.

2. Try and eat as cleanly as possible – no gluten, reduced dairy intake, more fresh fruit and veggies, healthy snacks, simple treats. → Apart from the weekend getaway mentioned above, I found it very easy to stick to this point. Especially now that so many delicious fruits and veggies are in season, it’s super easy to surround myself with healthy options and not feel bad about anything I eat. I also noticed that, with the reduced gluten intake, I eat smaller portions, feel less hungry, and consequently eat less in general. I honestly don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything.

3. Avoid giving myself negative points. → Once again, I feel like I did very well on this point. Ever since I made the dietary change and started exercising regularly, I have fewer reasons to find fault with myself.

Building Rome – Week 7 (“You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way”):

1.  Continue exercising at least 3x a week in any way I can.

2. Continue gluten-free, clean and healthy.

3. Avoid giving myself negative points.

4. Clean any of the windows while the shitty weather lasts.

5. Think about introducing a health/fitness category to the blog. Just think about it and maybe put down a few ideas.

Have you decided to change anything about your life lately? Do you have any goals for this week? Any interesting gluten-free recipe suggestions/recommendations? Let me know so I can commiserate, share and cheer you on!

Other people striving to do better:

7 thoughts on “Not all roads to Rome are gluten-free – Week 7”

  1. I need to get back to the exercise thing. I know it helps me sleep better, I just don’t seem willing to find time for it yet. Also, LOVE that song. 🙂

  2. Woot! That sounds pretty cool how you are finding ways to remain gluten free. I would imagine Germany would be a hard place to find gluten free. 🙂

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! Germany is great as far as finding gluten-free products in supermarkets and drugstores, but not so much when eating out. It’s also easy to find vegetarian and vegan options in restaurants, but they haven’t cottoned on to the gluten-free trend yet. And yeah, they’re big on bread. 😀

  3. I really crave healthy stuff like veggies and fruits at the moment and you are right, there is delicious stuff around at the moment! And, as always, thumbs up regarding the negative points!

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