Do as Romans do – Week 4

I landed a freelance contract for a translation project last week that I had to get started on right away, which is of course fantastic news for jobless me, but it also screwed up a bit some of my best laid plans as I have to work pretty long hours every day (including weekends) to meet the deadlines. I also predict I’m going to find it hard to keep up with y’all’s blogging activities.

So this is what last week looked like:

1. Pilates 3x a week, plus 30-minute exercising at home 3x a week. I like twists in a plot. I went to pilates once but exercised for 45 minutes at home three times. I started really pushing myself with the home exercises, adding new elements to work extra on my thighs and give myself a more complete, rounded workout. By Friday, I was in a lot of muscle pain (which I call “good pain”) so I took a day off, but the break ended up extending until today. 🙂 I was pretty exhausted from work and had to give my deadlines priority over everything else, so I didn’t feel like pushing myself any further. But since I’ll be spending a lot of hours every day in front of the computer for the next two weeks, I have to find a way to stick to my workout regimen.

2. Unpack the 2 moving boxes. Ugh. → Didn’t happen. See beginning of the post and #5. I think I’ll have to forego this until I’m done with work.

3. Publish a minimum of 2 posts. Done, and then some. Despite the hectic work schedule, I managed to squeeze in an additional post on Sunday because it was a photo challenge, which is very easy and quick to set up as a post.

4. Continue reading every day. Again, due to work I haven’t been reading as much as before, but I do try to read at least a few pages before going to sleep every night.

5. Avoid giving myself negative points. → I almost did it, I swear. I certainly improved a lot on the preceding week when I had several bad days.

6. Start a daily eating diary. I did, but I soon grew weary of the format I’d set up where I was taking note of every detail about food content and my reactions to it. So I decided to just make entries for things that stand out, when I eat something that disagrees with me or makes me bloated or creates any kind of adverse reaction in the body. Conversely, I’d also make note of things that seem to have a very positive effect.

Building Rome – Week 4:

1. Maintain a 3x per week exercise schedule for the duration of the translation gig (appr. 2 weeks). It can be either pilates or workouts at home, or a combination of both.

2. Publish 2 posts per week.

3.  Avoid giving myself negative points.

4. Read at least a few pages every day.

What are your goals for this week? Feel free to link back to this site.

11 thoughts on “Do as Romans do – Week 4”

  1. Y’all’s?? LOL. As a Yankee living in the south, I still cringe when I hear that. Some Southerner’s cringe, also! But then up north, we used to say, you’s. 🙂

    1. It’s really a very useful phrase that saves up a lot of writing, but I also find it very funny and endearing. Guess I don’t have to live with it and listen to it every day. 🙂

  2. Yeah for “y’all’s” LOL

    congratulations on the job news! I like your list for this week 🙂

  3. Congrats on the job! Good idea with the food diary, I think what you came to is the best, note specific reactions. Also though, try again to see if you get the same response so you have a better idea that that food really does cause a reaction. Way to keep up the hard work! 😀

  4. Hmmm, you’ve mentioned Pilates a few times now, and again, I’m thinking if I should look into that, maybe after the screws in my vertebrae are removed. The gym I go to has a Pilates machine– I know it’s not necessary, but I want to see if I can get some help using it.

    I used to keep a food diary, for different reasons– mostly to change body composition (roughing speaking, to lose weight). I wearied of it for similar reasons, but I know I should revisit it soon.

    Thank you for your inspiration. You’ve got me thinking on some specific things I should take some action on.

  5. Thank you for the kind comments. Pilates has been a gamechanger for me because I finally started to get the right kind of exercise – one that addressed my specific weak points and overall problems. I now have more strength, elasticity and energy than I’ve had since early childhood.

    Pilates was originally designed to help with rehabilitation of wounded WW2 soldiers, and it works primarily on your core and helps specifically with back problems, so it might really be what you need. Nowadays there are different versions of it – with machines (I’ve never done that), on the mat, in combination with yoga (which I think might be very good for you), or even combined with ballet (which is what I did before, now I just do pure mat pilates). Definitely consult with an expert before doing the machines, as I think they might be too aggressive to start with for someone with extensive back injuries.

    In any case, I hope you find what works for you. I’ll certainly be keeping track of your progress and cheering you on.

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