Blogging my block – The Cemetery

It’s been 2 months since I moved to Dortmund, Germany, so everything here is still new to me, and I find even the most mundane things and places interesting. I’m still looking for a job and therefore find myself in a unique position with lots of time on my hands, and one of my favorite ways of spending it is to roam my neighborhood, Kreuzviertel, exploring its nooks and crannies and snapping pictures.

The other day my friend over at The German Perspective thought she might show me a place in our neighborhood that I hadn’t seen yet. So we found ourselves at Südwestfriedhof (South-Western Cemetery). If you’re weirded out by the fact that they accommodate people’s remains, consider that cemeteries are actually beautiful parks – minus the presence of many (living) people. As such, they represent peaceful havens of quietness and solitude within urban jungles. And in the summer, they also offer a shade and respite from the heat.

Südwestfriedhof, Dortmund
Südwestfriedhof, Dortmund

The Südwestfriedhof is over one hundred years old and beautifully landscaped with amazing trees and shrubbery. Lofty headstones and mini-mausoleums abound.




Some are completely hidden from view by the shrubbery.


And some are subject to vandalism.

= God is in you
= God is in you

This one doesn’t seem to be a contribution from Lucifer’s newest pal, but the messages on these white stones scattered around the cemetery do seem to indicate a slightly disturbed mind. I’m happy to give them a small measure of Internet exposure.



What interesting things have you found in your neighborhood?

All pictures in this post are mine. If you’d like to use any, please link back to this site.

4 thoughts on “Blogging my block – The Cemetery”

  1. I gotta admit, nothing that interesting near me. That’s really cool, really like the idea of making a cemetery a park, rather than an isolated place that movies have made scary.

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. I think the trick is to try and make ordinary places interesting. Nothing outstanding about this cemetery, but what made it interesting for me was seeing it through my friend’s eyes.

      Thanks for commenting, really appreciated!

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