When in Rome… – Week 3

Firstly, an update on last week’s progress:

1. Continue exercising at least twice a week, and push myself to three. → I kinda did a twist on that one. First off, last Monday was a public holiday here so my gym was closed, which provided a nice excuse for not exercising. Then on Wednesday, I felt a bit off and decided to skip pilates. On Thursday, I felt bad about it and went for a 3-hour walk. I made it to class on Friday morning, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also loved the trainer who was very friendly. On Saturday, still feeling guilty about failure to exercise and berating myself for how “fat and bloated” I am, I started exercising in my own living room. I’d bought a stretch-band and a yoga mat the week before, printed out and prepped a set of exercises (including the 30-day Ab Challenge), and I just did it. 30 minutes. Same thing on Sunday. Mentally, it gave me such a boost that I stopped berating myself about my looks and instead opted for doing something to change that. And in doing so, I actually achieved last week’s #1 goal, which was to push myself. Yay!

2. Avoid giving myself negative points. Ha ha ha. See #1.

3. Unpack two leftover moving boxes and organize closet. → Nope. Zilch. Nada. No comment.

4. Read at least for a bit every day. (I’m re-reading ‘Middlemarch’ in preparation for Rebecca Mead’s book on the same subject.) → No need to push myself on this one as I love reading. I just passed the half-book mark.

5. Publish two more posts on the blog. → I did better than that, I put up 4 posts in total, gained the most likes so far on a post (15) and 5 new followers for a total of 48 followers. Woot!

Building Rome – Week 3:

1. Pilates 3x a week, plus 30-minute exercising at home 3x a week.

2. Unpack the 2 moving boxes. Ugh.

3. Publish a minimum of 2 posts.

4. Continue reading every day.

5. Avoid giving myself negative points.

6. Start a daily eating diary.

What are your goals for this week/this year? I’d love to hear about them!

10 thoughts on “When in Rome… – Week 3”

  1. Exercise is a worthy goal– I need to get back into that routine, and by routine, I mean: “physiotherapy, rehabiliation, and recovery that has gone on for about 5 years now.” I know I’ll have to get back into that, because my new surgeon thinks I need to have some screws taken out from my last surgery, i.e., more surgery.

    1. It’s always very difficult to get back into that routine, and I can only imagine it must be even more so after an injury. I wish the best of luck to you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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