My first verbal tick in Germany

Whenever I happen to spend an extended period of time in a country whose language I speak or simply understand well enough, I start using some common phrase or word I hear people using frequently. I usually acquire it either because I really like a word in the phrase, or in the case of a single word, I like the way it sounds and the facial expression that accompanies it. But after a while, it becomes really annoying to me because I’m saying it all the time and can’t seem to be able to control myself.

For instance, I remember that after I came back from my 10-month stint in the U.S. the tick was “yup.” Even though my friends were addressing me in Croatian (naturally), if I agreed with what they said my response would be a nod and a “yup.” It took me about a month to get rid of it, and I think some of my friends were slightly annoyed by then. 😀

After only 4 days in Belgrade, Serbia, I’d adopted “bre,” which roughly corresponds to the English catchphrase “like.” But that was because I find Serbian to be the funniest language ever.

I moved to Germany about 2 months ago and I noticed yesterday that my new tick is to say “Ach, so” (“I see”) in agreement/understanding with the speaker. I don’t know how long I’ve been saying it, and the only reason why I noticed it yesterday was that it’s starting to annoy me. Let’s see how long it sticks.

I predict that the next tick in line might be “nö” (vernacular form of “nein” = no).


9 thoughts on “My first verbal tick in Germany”

  1. I love the diversity of your blog and admire your dedication to books!
    Thank you so much for your follow and I look forward to following your posts, though I’m not twittering yet! 🙂

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