The List – How to build Rome: Week 1

I was very happy and grateful last week when, thanks to Not A Punk Rocker, I discovered this concept that aligns perfectly with how I try to go about structuring my life and achieving goals that I set for myself every year.

The way it works is, you set yourself a number of weekly goals (the number is irrelevant), which more or less align with your bigger, overall goals for the year (or for life), and write a post about them. As you go along, you include reports on the previous week’s goals. The idea is to motivate yourself, and even more importantly, not to compare yourself to other participants in this challenge and not to berate yourself about things you haven’t accomplished. Things don’t always go according to plan, but you can always use last week’s goals and improve on them.

My three big goals for this year are to write regularly on the blog, persevere in some form of regular excercise, and move to Germany. I’ve accomplished one and a half so far – I made the move to Germany. It was scheduled to happen later in the year, but things started moving quickly at one point, so I ended up here about 7 weeks ago. The “half” refers to regular blogging: I’ve been quite good with it ever since I got here because I have a lot of free time on my hands, but it’s important that I stick with it throughout the year, which is why it hasn’t been completely crossed off the list yet.

I actually started exercising regularly last year in September, and I kept at it until the move, but I knew in setting up this goal that it’d take me some time to get my bearings once I got here and to literally force myself back into the right frame of mind, which is why this item stayed on the 3 goals list. I finally seem to be back on track and I’m currently trying out two different gyms and exercise programs, and I expect to make the final decision this week. I’m also thinking of adding the 30-day Ab Challenge to my exercise regime, but let’s do things one at a time, which is the whole point of this challenge.

Building Rome – Week 1:

1. Choose an excercise program and start doing it 2-3 times a week.

2. Publish at least one more post on the blog. (I have quite a few queued up and I need to start clearing the draft section.)

3. Unpack the 3 leftover moving boxes.

4. Reorganize my closet space. (See #3.)

5. Do not give myself negative points. On anything.

If you like the idea, join the Building Rome challenge. It’s inspiring and motivational.


6 thoughts on “The List – How to build Rome: Week 1”

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I’m so grateful to you for this challenge. #5 is so popular because it’s what most of us do every day without even thinking about it – we just berate ourselves. Trying to fight the habit every day is hard work.

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