Daily prompt: Reason to believe

In Reason To Believe, Bruce Springsteen sings, ‘At the end of every hard-earned day / people find some reason to believe.’ What’s your reason to believe?

I’m not religious. I am a theist, however, in as much as I believe in a creative designer of the universe. My reason for believing this? ‘Reason’ implies having a rational answer to this question, which in my case would be that I find it highly unlikely (from a mathematical and statistical point of view) that a creation so complex, designed with such a meticulous eye to detail, and so perfectly balanced in all its components, could be the product of an accidental cosmic fart that somehow upset the primeval soup into taking shape.

But my gut feeling, which requires no rational assurances, simply sussurates that it’s the right thing to believe. It also feels like a more honest answer, and a more honest “reason” for believing in something. So rather than relying on my tricky, devious mind to provide me with whatever placebo ‘it’s gonna be alright’ notion to get me through the night and placate me with assurances of future reward in heaven, I prefer to rely on my gut, which has so far been my one true (moral) compass in life. No church has ever been able to give me that kind of support.

So at the end of each hard-earned day, I don’t need to look for reasons to believe. I just listen to my gut feeling, which is telling me that I was not accidentally born to stumble blindly and aimlessly through life. I trust it, and it’s enough for me.

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