May wishlist


Rebecca Mead, My Life In Middlemarch (2014)

Middlemarch is one of my favorite books, and as such I periodically re-read it. I certainly want to do it again before reading Mead’s book because I want: a) a full immersion experience, and b) I want to remember some of the details from the book so that I can see how my approach to it clashes/agrees with Mead’s. Yes, I’m a nerd. And yes, I’m actually reading two books for a single entry.

The book has been a lifetime companion to Mead, and she’s taken to analyzing it from a subjective, semi-autobiographical viewpoint, which in itself merits a read if you ask me.

J.R.Ward, The King (2014)

In complete contrast to the high-brow reference above, I’m a big fan of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood paranormal romance series (I’d never read romances before), and as such I’m eagerly awaiting the latest installment, which I plan to follow up with a post reviewing the whole series so far. Nerdy in a sexy way, no?

Music: Neneh Cherry, Blank Project (2014)

I’ve always liked Neneh’s work. Back in February I read an interview with her in The Guardian about her upcoming album release (the first one in 18 years) and listened to the album stream, which blew my socks off. I think this could easily be the best album of 2014 for me, and I’m usually not wrong about these things.

Dhafer Youssef, Digital Prophecy (2003)

I really enjoy Middle Eastern music and the oud is one of my favorite instruments. I thought I’d been made aware of pretty much every artist of note from this niche, but it turns out I hadn’t. Dhafer Youssef came recommended on a desert-island-top-10-music-albums list recently compiled by Kenan Malik on his Pandaemonium blog.

Google image search
Google image search

Speaking of oud music, let me use this opportunity to promote the work of a dear friend’s husband, a very talented Croatian oud player, who currently has a new record out:

And just because the word ‘wishlist’ triggered a bunch of memories for me, I’ll let Eddie Vedder do my send-off:

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